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getting better

Postby duchity » Thu Aug 17, 2006 9:02 am

Hey all I am new to the forum and I am a little optimistic at controlling this thing. I have been getting better ( no more filmy dischar.. and smell is almost gone). there is still a "hint" but I think after months and months of not smellig it "normal" i might not know what normal is, here's what I did
for the past 3 weeks, i ve been faithfully taking multivitamins, 1000 mg of vitamin c and probiotics ( PB8). I used to put one Probiotic pill down there at night, but i stopped because i would have all this gunky stuff that would come out when i do it, and also it kind of gave me a rash-irritated skin since it makes u all wet all the time. BUT THIS IS WHEN I STARTED SEEING CHANGES, saturday it came back full force, that night i put a TTO tampon in. on Sunday i started taking Oleipein ( olive leaf drops by mouth) and oregano oil drops throughout the day, i continued with my vitamins and Probiotics, still had a funk on monday, went home mix a lil bit of oregano oil in water in a STRAW( lol) and put it in there, elevated hips and cleaned it out that way, i m trying to abstain from messing with my yoni, i want to do this cleansing inside out, but that day the funk was too much for me. THEN I WEnt out to this health food store and bought Candigone and Candidase, the first one is a cleansing sytem that has a lot of natural herbs and oils like oregano and pau d'arco, the second one is an enzyme that u take that allows your body to digest away the toxic candida in your system, you take them on an empty stomach, so notice I have kept doing my routine that i had and just ADDED these two as it is now i have a LOT OF THINGS TO TAKE
-vitamin c
-candigone ( this has all these herbs we've talked about oregano, olive leaf, pau-d'arco...)
-candidase (enzyme that breaks down candida)
-my original oregano oil
-my olive leaf extract

I M "TRYING " to watch what i eat, but it's really life changing to really follow the "candida diet" , i m not a big eater but i got to have some carbs, and plus i notice EVERYTHING HAS SUGAR!!. but those "grains" that they say should replace our carbs are not only expensive but HARD to find!!,

and YES MOST OF THE supplements i m taking TASTE NASTY AS HELL ( oregano oil!!), but i rather that then the havoc this things is wrecking on me emotionally and my life as a whole. I SPEND SO MUCH TIME ONLINE RESEARCHING THIS. and unlike popular belief, NATURAL CURES are EXPENSIVE TOO!!, I MEAN i dont think it's as expensive as if i was buying antibiotics with no insurance ( btw i m lucky I have insurance), but the health food store aint cheap people!!My BF is supportive , in fact i have kept the funk out of his sight cause i only see him once a week and i usually keept it bay with a lil acidophilus pil or inside "flush" with iodine-providone, HP, or vinegar, BUT the gunk is often there and we all know however supportive a BF/husband is everyone has a limit, SO I M DETERMINED TO GET RID OF THIS THING. My prayers, good thoughts and good luck to you all. like one lady said in this forum: We may feel sad and undeserving of this things, saying what's wrong with me, but sometimes God has a way of getting us on the right path, and it's through tribulations like this that he does it, because of this thing I have become way more educated on healthy eating and natural healing alternatives then I would ever be. I read labels more and I take multivitamins which is an all around good thing, by us being aware of our bodies like that , this could be the reason why a lot of us may dodge illnesses like diabetes , high blood pressure among many more. suprisingly BV may make you more in tune with your body and in turn more in tune with your health. God bless
btw i m 26 yo, AA, no children (yet:-))
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work in progress

Postby qjo » Thu Aug 17, 2006 3:00 pm

I posted my regimen about a week or so ago and was asymptomatic (but bv could've still been there on a microscopic level). I had intercourse with my beau and the condom came off and semen was inside of me. When I got home I did the acidophilus milk with water and had no symptoms until a week or so later when my period came. I'm very familiar with this happening when using naturopathic methods. Whenever I've used natural methods it seems that the infection always comes back when I have my next period. Which leads me to believe that either the infection is not fully cured, exacerbated on caused by hormones during period, the infection is further up in my reproductive system or the blood is too alkaline. :cry: Who knows? I began the acidophilus milk/water douche again on the last day (Tues) and yesterday and it's been two days and everyything is fine. I started taking Primal Defense HSO yesterday and I'm drinking Kefir (lifeway and helios) and eating plain organic Horizon Yogurt. I'm considering doing the yeast arrest suppositories or the boric acid supp. My main thing is trying to kill off the bacteria and then begin restoring the ph and replacing the good bacteria. This will probably take a while but I remain vigilant and hopeful! :D
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Postby kris68iou1 » Tue Aug 29, 2006 11:16 am


I think you have the key... trying to get back to "normal" and then maintaining it. I really think that once the bacteria can be "mostly" annhilated, then routine maintenance with Boric Acid suppositories and oral pro-biotics should be the key.

The other weird thing is that I have noticed that when I use the Boric Acid suppositories 2-4 days a week, I really don't get too wet or nasty at night. However, if I forget - and use Boric Acid after a long period (a week or two), I automatically notice a very 'wet' and 'watery' discharge in the night (this is from the Boric Acid reacting with the Basic Secretions of the BV bacteria.... one of the side products is water). So, I recommend hanging in with the Boric Acid like you have been doing. I think you will find that you will have less of the 'watery' stuff as your vagina takes on its natural Ph. It seems to be working for me. Good luck!

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Postby jayjay » Sat Sep 02, 2006 3:05 pm

It's almost been a year since I've posted but decided to see if there were any new developments. I have suffered from BV for about 4 years, which came on so suddenly and never really went away. I've gone to the doctor thousands of times to get flagyl before finally going the natural route. I now work at GNC which gives me more options. I had read something about Pau d'arco awhile back on here as a douche and decided to try it. This was about 5 months ago. Well it worked. It so relieving to know I can count on it. You can drink it too for yeast infections but only for a week. Then give it a break because It's not great for your liver. AS a douche it works for yeast and BV. I make a hot tea out of it, cool it down in the fridge or in a sink of cold water and then I take a shower. I lay in the shower and "pour" it in if you will. I tilt my hips, let it sit a minute and then let it run out. The next day I am usually symptom free and if not I do it one more time. That always does it. I haven't had that "smell" in awhile. I found my tea at an all natural food store.

Hope this helps!
Take Care
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Postby duchity » Sat Sep 09, 2006 12:09 pm

Well I think we have all found the option of alternative treatmeants, i m here to give and update. I finished the candigone and candidase treatment, continue to take vitamins and a probiotic. I had a flare up during treatment where I got clindesse from the doctor ( trying to combine everything), then 1 day after putting the clindesse my period came and you know what happens, BV got worse. So I waited for my period to be done and I did Hydrogen peroxide douches, with undiluted, and diluted hp for like 3 days straight and since then I have been symptoms free. Also I have to say I also stopped taking Birth control pills because they supposedly decrease the immune system. So far so good , It's been almost a week that I havent had it and I did have unprotected contact and 2 days ago and it hasn't flared up!.
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BV stuff

Postby cass6266 » Wed Sep 13, 2006 5:44 pm

I am new to this forum (not even sure if I'm posting in the right place!) and I just wanted to ask some questions of anyone out there. I have had BV and yeast infections on and off for years now. I definitely get the whole diet thing, when I expose my body to refined sugars, alcohol, etc. and I get stressed/less sleep I get an onset of one or both at the same time. I am currently taking metronidazole for this and I only have 2 days left of pills and I still have the discharge. I am getting to the point of being paranoid about my health because of the onset of these infections for so long. I practice safe sex with condoms and have for the most part of my life, but nobody's perfect and there have been times when I have had unprotected sex--that was years ago, and within the past 4 years I've been HIV tested and been negative. I don't have any reason to believe otherwise now, but all the info I read about recurrent yeast and BV says it happens in HIV positive people--so naturally I'm beyond paranoid about that now. Basically, it seems that western medicine/doctors have this viewpoint about recurring BV/yeaast and so it freaks me out a bit. Has anyone else felt this way? I am just frustrated about the whole thing and was hoping for some advice. Thanks so much!
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Postby karen joy » Thu Sep 14, 2006 4:01 pm

Hello Cass6266, welcome to the forum. I understand the frustration and definitely the fear. First have you taken an HIV test just to relieve your fears? I think of our whole area down there as an ecology a complex blend of bacteria, yeasts, fluids etc. constandly changing and constantly maintaining health or striving to do so. For this you can help. I would recommend, even more since you are taking the metranidizole. getting some good bacteria in your system. This can come from wild fruits, fermented foods, and fermented dairy, like creme fraiche and kefir, but especially yogurt. You can also put yogurt down there from tiem to time and wash off. Also as much as possible know your striving for health and allow it. Let the area breath, and while washing be gentle. I only use soap around the hair but consider beyond that my insides, and I don't wash anywhere else inside me with soap, just water. If you have read through all these pages you will see a variety of ideas some conglicting it seems I trust you to find what feels right for you. Take this time to develop a nice relationship with this part of your body. Not saying you don't already have one, or that this is the problem, just this is a good opportunity to give extra care. Consider possible infections being furthered with a lover needing treatment too.

Karen Joy
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Postby qjo » Tue Sep 19, 2006 10:25 am

It's been almost a month and I am symptom free. Again, the bv could very well still be there on a microscopic level so I'm going to go to the gyn soon. I thought I had cleared up the bv back in august when I was doing the acidophilus milk/water douches, taking the supplements etc. What a learned was that unless you eradicate the bv there's no sense in trying to re-establish the "good bacteria". You have to kill off the pathogens and then restore the "good bacteria". If you just kill of the pathogens, ie, with antibiotics or natural methods without trying to restore the good bacteria and PH you will have recurring infections. It's also good to go to the gyn and make sure that it's all gone or mostly gone while trying to restore the "good bacteria".

As I mentioned before after getting rid of the symptoms my period came in August and the bv was back. After my period was over I began doing hydrogen peroxide (3tbsp to 1quart of water) every day/twice a day and doing acidophilus milk/water or kefir/water douches. After about a week or two of that regimen along with taking the primal defense I have no symptoms. My period has come and gone agan and [b]STILL NO SYMPTOMS!![/b]!!

I will go to the gyn and to get checked but so far the hydrogen peroxide douche and kefir or acidophilus milk with water douches have worked. The primal defense may have helped too. I will keep you posted.
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Postby Erratica » Tue Sep 26, 2006 9:49 pm

I'm reading back posts here, but wow, there are a lot! :shock: Yesterday, I gave up and went to see the nurse practitioner at my school's clinic. She diagnosed me with BV (wet smear) and prescribed, with my agreement, Metronidazole (Flagyl generic), and Monistat-type cream.

Here are my symptoms: crazy, horribly itchy, painful vulva, esp. around my clitoris, and more recently, a nasty rash in the inguinal fold between my pubic area and thigh. No smell, no discharge. Or if there was any, not enough to notice.

I've been trying everything to stop the itching for the past 2-3 weeks. I used tea tree oil in Astroglide (as a carrier), kombucha tea on a cottonball, arnica cream (it stopped the itching, but didn't help the rash), and a triple antibiotic ointment (like is used for cuts). The last seemed to help the rash a little, but I was still itching like crazy, and generally feeling run down and icky. I was just about to claw myself raw, the itching was uncontrollable. The creams helped to soothe it; the kombucha and tea tree just made it worse after a couple of days.

I think I've had this problem off and on for something like 4 months. And altho the literature says the 'causes' can be sex and douching (neither of which I've been partaking of), I think the imbalance occurred when I used/use tampons. It seems like one month, after using a lot of tampons, I got very dry 'down there,' and it felt like I had gotten a yeast infection. Only no usual symptoms, except some itchiness and tenderness.

I detest not using tampons during the heavier portion of my period. I made myself some cloth pads for the lighter times, but I really don't like the feeling of bleeding, and I guess I am afraid I'll leak and make a mess. Not a healthy reaction, but there you are.

Just wanted to share my experience. I'm on day 2 of the Metronidazole, and the itching is being relieved. Whew. Should I make sure I get plenty of yogurt to put back the lactobacillus organisms that are sure to be killed off?


p.s. and to rub salt in the wound, I started my period right after the exam. I am using tampons to get thru the next couple of days until the flow is lighter, then I'll go back to pads.
Everything always works out in the end. If it hasn't worked out, it's not the end.
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Postby qjo » Tue Nov 07, 2006 11:24 am

Still battling with BV. For the past few months I've found some reprieve with first acidophilus milk/water , hydrogen peroxide and water and betadine and water douches. The first course of treatment yielded the longest results. I used hydrogen peroxide/water in the morning and acidophilus milk/water or kefir milk/water at night for about two weeks. I had no malodor or symptoms for a month even after my period but then one day I noticed a light malodor. Suffice to say I was very angry.
I began the hydrogen peroxide and water regimen again but found that if I missed more than a day mild symptoms would begin to surface.

I stopped using the hydrogen peroxide and moved on to Tea Treel Oil suppositories which seem to do nothing for BV but are good for yeast.

Next I began using betadine and water douches but much like the other regimens it yielded temporary results. The results never lasted as long as the the one month symptom free results I achieved with the hydrogen peroxide and acidophilus regimen. If I stopped for a day the mild symptoms would return.

It's been three months yet I remain vigilant in my efforts to remedy this ailment without resorting to antibiotics. Currently I take Natren probiotic(orally) while now using the Yeast Arrest by Vitanic Boric acid (600mg) suppositories. They also contain Calendula and Oregon Grape Root. I take Garlique as well. I noticed results after the very first insert of the Yeast Arrest suppository. I inserted the first capsule on Friday November 3rd before bed and have used them once in the morning and once at night ever since. I am on day 5 now and still no symptoms. I bought a supply of 28 suppositories which will allow me to continue twice a day for 14 days. The malodor is gone; however i plan to purchase more, along with Candaclear (acidophilus suppository) that I saw at Whole Foods. Candaclear is a probiotic suppository that is recommended as a part of the BV protocol by rockwell nutrition. I will also try to find another good oral probiotic like Jarrow to take longterm.

There is a lot of maintenance, money and patience required in treating/curing bv whether naturally or with prescriptions. After being on and off antibiotics for the past 5 years I've decided that enough is enough. If after about two months of occassional protected sex and using the Yeast Arrest, Candaclear suppositories, Garlique daily and an oral probiotic I don't see improvements I will try the flagyl orally again.

This time, however, I'll take it while using the Yeast Arrest suppositories for about a week or more (to acidify the vagina and restore the pH) and then using the Candaclear for two weeks (to replenish the good bacteria) while taking a acidophilus orally. This should work. Recurrent BV needs considerate yet aggressive treatment and maintenance.

I do believe that maintenance -like no unprotected sex for 3 months or more, boric acid for a few days out of the month like maybe during my period and ongoing consumption of garlique tabs and acidophilus as a life long regimen- will be necessary even after desired results are achieved.

Good luck to you all and I will keep you posted.
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Postby walks with stars » Fri Nov 10, 2006 3:58 am

Merry Meet! I'm happy to have found this forum. I have been suffering from bv for 7 1/2 months now.

Before I go any further, please let me just say, I feel as if my life has been stolen from me. I'm either angry or reduced to tears over not being able to kick this. During a flare up, it hurts to sit, walk, go hiking, shopping. My mind is constantly in tune to the pain and burning, and it steals what little joy I have! I'm lucky to have a loving and understanding partner by my side, but there is so only so much he can comprehend what I am going through. I don't know anyone who has this. I just want my vagina to feel normal again!!

Most of my life I've had the occasional yeast infection, but back then my body would kick it on it's own. I had a decent immune system until I developed allergies and began taking antibiotics for chronic sinusitis. This went on for years. It got to a point where my doc didn't even bother having me come in when I would get sick. I'd just phone him and he call any broad spectrum antibiotic in. So I know this is when the depletion of my immune fuction started.

I began having more yeasties, but I could combat it easily with some acidophilus and laying off sugary stuff.

Last April, right before my moon, I developed constant vaginal burning, itching, achiness in the vagina, and discomfort when peeing! When my moon came, it disappeared. I thought it was just yeast. I took probiotics.

In May, it returned, around a week or so before my moon. Same thing! Except this time, it went further, I ended up with a slight UTI. I was so sick, I had to take antibiotics for it.

June comes, same thing again! Right before my moon, then gone until July.
My vaginal tissues felt raw, burning all the time, sometimes a slight pressure in the pelvic area, stabbing short electrical pain in the vagina, and discomfort when peeing. I began researching, and decided I would get thee to a doctor if it didn't stop. I LOATHE going to the doctor. I'll do what I can to avoid it.

In August, I decided I'd try a little something. No more soda, no more sugary snacks, and I would lay off the bread. It did show up again before my moon, but it lasted only a couple days and was mild!

In September, same thing.

October arrives. My symptoms seem to be under control and sooo I have protected sex (no spermicide) and whammo....full blown vaginal burning, pain, itching, hurting to pee, all of it back again. Within a week, I wake up with a fever. I went to this urgent care clinic open on a weekend. Another uti! But this time, the doctor wants to examine me to see if anything else is happening. I was told that the exam showed BV. Well, in that moment I felt slight relief because....hey, at least I know what it is. I had NO clue it I could have BV because I never ever have the odor! Just the horrible burning. My pee may smell slightly stronger.

Then she let's me know she saw a red spot on my cervix and advised me to go see an obgyn to have it looked at again. Of course now I'm worried!
She sent me home with Flagyl and Cipro. Double poisons! :( I did give in because the fever was making me so sick.

Like magic, the vaginal burning, pain, pelvic aching, and most of the itching went away after the second day on flagyl. I was determined, that once I finished these courses of meds, I would continue to find something natural. ( For the record I don't douche. Ever. I decided one time, many years ago I'd start douching. Whenever I did, I'd get horrible bladder infections. So I won't attempt those.)

*Immediately I got some Jarrow's acidophilus, and took that 4 times a day.

*Cranberry capsules, because my stomach cannot tolerate drinking the juice.

*Making sure I shower only, use ivory, wash vagina w/ no soap, just warm water. Wash my hair in the kitchen sink.

*Wear no undies. When I'm alone I walk around naked and let my vagina breathe. (I have big thighs too! So I lounge back when no one's around and spread my legs, read or watch tv to let myself get air)

*Try to not sit at the computer too long. Sitting on the computer chair or dining room chair, or any other hard chair where I'm right on my perineum is painful during a bv flare up.

*Drinking alot of water

Now here I sit, with another flare up in full force :(

The things that I have tried over the months and have not had good luck with so far is the following:

*Tea tree oil diluted, in a peri bottle, splashing it over vaginal opening.
Made my vagina burn worse.

*ACV sitz baths. Made me burn worse.

*Mega dosing on Vitamin C - didn't touch the symptoms.

*Tea Tree Oil soaked on a tampon

*Hydrogen peroxide washes. I would tilt up my hips, open up and let it flow down inside of me, wait, then get up. This did absolutely nothing but make my symptoms rage more. I was on fire down there for 2 days afterward.

*Plain yogurt on a tampon. Made the itching intensify at least by 10x.

*Monistat for itching. Oh no....made me burn.

*Colloidal Silver. Made a flare up worse. I tried sticking with it for 3 weeks solid but it didn't do anything but make my vagina hurt and burn worse :(

The things I want to try:

*Boric Acid. Okay, I'm already on fire, and I hear this can cause burning. I don't know if I can tolerate it. If you were burning already and tried it, did it make it better?

*Susun says Echinacea in a tincture form.

Since I'm very pre-menopausal, and my moons have been spread out or closer together, some hot flashing, and heavier cramps, I had a naturopath I spoke to on the phone today tell me....that sometimes women get constant yeast or BV when hormones fluctuate and causes imbalance in the PH level. She also mentioned that being deficient in estrogen, can not only be contributing to my flashing, but it can cause vaginal dryness, and that the dryness itself can cause yeast or bv. It's not a stretch for me, since I know my hormones are imbalanced.
One time I had such bad cramps I went to the clinic, and they sent me for a CT scan and blood work. Nothing could be found. I wanted a sono done, and nothing again could be found.

This is my story so far. Sorry it is so long! If anyone has had a red spot seen on the cervix from continous infection please let me know. I'm trying to get my nerve up to go have it looked at. It could be just inflammation.

If you got this far thanks for reading! BB*
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Postby Erratica » Fri Nov 10, 2006 9:28 am

walks with stars, thank you for your long post! I'm new to the BV scene, having just contracted it in the past couple of months. I too tried many home remedies (tea tree oil, kombucha tea, comfrey/goldenseal salve, neosporin, plain lotion, even, to control the itching).

I finally went to the clinic at the university, and the nurse practitioner did the lab work and diagnosed BV. She gave me flagyl and told me to use the Monistat cream for the itching. I think it was also to prevent a yeast infection from the antibiotic.

The antibiotic worked, but I felt worse in some ways from taking it. The intense itching and burning was gone, but I felt like crap, and my tummy hurt. Now, of course, the BV is back (it's been a little over a month).

I am using my mind to control it this time. Now that I know what it is, I talk to my nether regions (my vagina isn't involved, it's all vulvular, and before, I even had a rash in the fold between my pubic area and my leg). I've used some Monistat cream (didn't burn for me), and the comfrey/goldenseal salve. Whatever helps is to feel better. It comes and goes now. Sometimes I bleed perineally, sometimes the fold above my clitoris feels like it's scratched. But mostly, the itching is controllable.

I haven't given up sugar, but have noticed that eating more of it causes a flareup. I've also become outright allergic to chocolate. Even a little bit causes terrible gut cramps. More than a little, and I'm throwing up and having diarrhea.

Has anyone noticed a correlation between chocolate and BV? Is this unrelated?


Everything always works out in the end. If it hasn't worked out, it's not the end.
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Postby walks with stars » Fri Nov 10, 2006 12:35 pm

Hi Erica

Whenever I eat something high in sugar, I notice it tends to cause or increase burning and itching sometimes. I don't know if there is a particular link between BV and chocolate, I only know that it's just part of one of those things that bothers me.

I know what you mean, about the Flagyl making you feel yucky. It made me feel extra tired.

And since you brought up the rash in the perineal area, I remember having a small one this last time as well!

Here's to hoping we find a way to healing!

walks with stars
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Postby Erratica » Fri Nov 10, 2006 1:29 pm

I'm for that!
Everything always works out in the end. If it hasn't worked out, it's not the end.
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what about....

Postby Frustrated » Sat Nov 11, 2006 3:04 pm

hello ladies..

It is a bit of a relief to see that I am not the only person suffering from this HORRIBLE CURSE! :( I am able to relate to someone/people who can understand what HAS BEEN GOING HERE!! :cry: I, too, have tried every single antiboitic mentioned, including boric acid!

None of these have done the least not for long enough to call it the answer we're all waiting on! Out of everything, I say boric acid is the best of them all, but still not IT. If I skip a night it starts to come only works for me if i take it every night. After intercourse it comes back! So for constant relief, i would have to take it every night, until the day I DIE?!?? :shock: Plus, I've been told by several doctors that it is really too strong for your "area" -- most don't recommend taking boric acid.

So, I found this forum because I am, once again, searching for SOMETHING BETTER..if not, THE REAL CURE! I came across two different solutions: (1) Salusil - ointment to rub "inside" - symptoms to be vanishing within 24hrs - guarenteed with money back within 60 days -, or (2) Enzara - pill to take twice a day - symptoms to be vanishing within 5-7 days - guarenteed money back if not working for you anytime within 365 days/one year - :idea:

After reading up on both, Enzara seems to be the better of the two. It a little bit more expensive, but it seems more likely to work, and more confident with its ONE YEAR guarentee. :!:

So...has anyone here heard anything of the two?? I'm so despearate that I think I will try one...SOON!!!!!!!! I feel its worth ANOTHER SHOT, because just going on with life, depressed, extremely embarassed, etc won't get me closer to a solution.

Let me know what you all think and take care as best you can! :?
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