Wise Woman Forum Mission and Guidelines

Welcome to the Wise Woman Forum, we are an on-line wise women community. Enjoy! All New members please visit our guidelines page at: http://www.herbshealing.com/wisewomanforum.htm

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Wise Woman Forum Mission and Guidelines

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Susun Weed's Wise Woman forum exists to provide a community space for women and men the world around to explore the Wise Woman Tradition through the sharing of our wisdom, experiences, knowledge and support in a spirit of mutual respect.


This is an open forum, on the internet which is a public space, that can be read by anyone with internet access. Our main focus is the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing as taught by Susun Weed, with many of the topics reflecting women’s health, nourishment, self-wisdom and empowerment. We all learn from each other, and the forum is open to any and all interested folks, women and men alike.

To make your joining our circle as easy as possible and to be clear about how we maintain the integrity of our online community, we’ve listed some points below, please read and agree to honor them before joining us at the forum.

You are welcome to e-mail the administrator for help at networking@herbshealing.com any time you have difficulties or complaints. We watch over the forum and want everyone's experience here to be valuable, both to themselves and to all of us. Kind comments and praise are welcome, too.

When posting, we ask that you share your wisdom with tolerance and compassion. Sometimes topics and discussions may bring up strong feelings. We ask that if you disagree with what is written and choose to respond, that you do so with kindness and consideration. This can be done most effectively with "I think" and "I feel" statements. Respect for each others opinions is an essential part of our virtual community at the Wise Woman forum, in the spirit of the Wise Woman Tradition.

Please note, if you have a conflict with another member please do not send them angry email, instead please send all complaints to the administration. Likewise, if any member gets angry email from another member, please forward it to the administration. If any member has a complaint or concern or comment, they are welcome to send admin or any moderator an email query; it is against guidelines to air your complaints at the forum for the purpose of creating disharmony. Violation of this guideline is cause banning or time-out.

Everyone is responsible for their own health choices and no one sharing advice is to be held responsible. All information shared at the forum is for educational purposes only. The Wise Woman Forum does NOT assume liability for the activity of members nor information being shared on this forum space. Please refer to FAQ and disclaimer for further information.

Any flaming, trolling, spamming in the forum or inclusion of links to pornographic sites will result in BANNING and deletion of the post and author’s membership; or, banning of the IP for unregistered visitors and deletion of the post. Additional action may be taken on a case by case basis to ensure the integrity of our forum and protect it’s members.

All members are welcome to post a personal note about service/product offerings for sale/trade at the Wise Woman Bazaar forum. Any postings in the forum that are seen as overly solicitous (spam) will be deleted at administrative discretion.

A few helpful suggestions for all members:

If you are having problems with registering, please make sure you have enabled "cookies" in your browser software and that you have disabled any firewall software that may be blocking communication with healingwiseforum.com

When choosing a user name, some people feel more comfortable using a fictional name rather than their real name, as anonymity may allow for more freedom in sharing while still preserving each member's personal need for safety and privacy. Please choose your user name carefully when signing up as the only way to change it is to create a new account with a new name. If you choose to do this please let us know so that your old account can be deleted to free the name up for future use by another new member.

Before you post a question, try the search engine link in the upper right hand corner to see if perhaps a thread on that subject has already begun. If you choose to add to it, your doing so will bring it back up into active topics.

Read through the different sections to be sure that you post your new thread where others can most easily find it and respond. When you make your post, the title should reflect the content of the post. Titles such as "help" or "read this" are vague and unclear.

You can click the active topics link in the upper right hand corner and see all the recent posts while choosing the time frame (ie. since your last visit, in the last 12 hours, etc).

You have the option to subscribe to individual topics, and whenever there’s a new post, you’ll receive a brief email notification. Please know that if the topic you subscribe to is very active, you will receive many e-mails a day.

As with any other information that you read...take what you need and leave the rest.

Please do note that while we maintain an open and sharing environment, the Administrators of this forum RESERVE THE RIGHT to refuse or delete membership as may be needed, and or any posts that are seen to infringe upon the guidelines we have set forth here for the benefit of all participants.

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