Hygeia Halfmoon, Ph.D., author of PRIMAL MOTHERING fasting

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Hygeia Halfmoon, Ph.D., author of PRIMAL MOTHERING fasting

Postby Deradune » Thu Jun 15, 2006 4:32 pm

Hygeia Halfmoon's 14-year-old daughter Jasmine is being held by the State of Florida. Jasmine had a (wanted) pregnancy of 7 weeks at the time the State of Florida gave her TEN ultrasounds in one week, causing a miscarriage, and are not allowing her any contact with her mother Hygeia.

I have a blog page with ongoing updates of Hygeia and Jasmine's saga and many posts from Hygeia, who lives as a nomad and is fasting in honor of her daughter Jasmine who at one point escaped from Florida authorities only to be sexually molested and then caught and put back under control of what she describes as "cold" Florida child protection workers.

For more details and how you can help Hygeia, please see this page of my blog and revisit it at:


where you can see photos of Hygeia, Jasmine and other family members and various writings by Hygeia. She plans to make one of her books available as a free e-book and as soon as that is implementable this too will be announced on the page above.

Wise Women invited and welcome -- Wise Men too!

My blog, "The Joy of Raw Eating, Conspiracies and Hope" is at
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