The Brass Ring

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The Brass Ring

Postby Waynonaha » Sun May 04, 2003 10:41 am

Brass Ring

I have a connection to "Merry Go Rounds". When I was little I sometimes spent time with my Aunt. My Aunt, having no
children of her own, devoted herself to me. We would go to Santa Cruz California, board walk on the pier.
My first wish was to ride the painted horses, I was only four years old but remember it so well.
I first was only allowed to ride the little horses on the inside, these did not go up and down, The little horses were stationary,
but suited for a four year old to ride. My Auntie would ride the bigger horses that glided up and down to the loud music.
Each year I visited my Aunt I would beg to ride the big horses. Once my Aunt took me on her horse it was magic to feel the
powerful force as we whirled in a circle going up and down on a huge horse.
On the outside ring of horses was a holder that had brass rings. My Uncle just home from the war rode on the outside horses.
He would reach out each time the horse passed the brass ring holder to grab a ring. If you got a brass ring you claimed a prize
or took a free ride. If you got an ordinary metal ring you threw it into the mouth of a giant canvas painted clowns face.
The year I was thirteen was the last summer I spent with my Aunt she took me to the board walk as usual.
I did not ask this time but went to the outside horses they were much bigger than the inside ones. I found a black horse, with a
gold saddle, decorated in glass jewels. I jumped up on its back and waited for the merry go round to start.
The music was playing with the breeze blowing in off the Pacific ocean; it was a beautiful day. The the merry go round
gained full motion, as I stood tall on my horse reaching out to grab the ring. The first try I missed, the second time I grabbed
a metal ring. This I threw into the mouth of the clown making a bell chime.
On the last try, I could see the brass ring hanging in the hoop. I reached out as far as I could without falling off the horse. It
seemed for ever before I came into contact. The brass ring hit my outreached hand cold and hard. I closed my fingers around
the ring and looked at it. I was so excited, I did not want to turn the ring in at the end of the ride.
My Aunt said to me, "sometimes life is like the metal rings. You reach and reach, each time hoping to find the brass ring in
your hand. When you do it is such a wonderful feeling you do not want to let go. You must let go of the ring to win the prize
in the end."
My Aunt gave me a hug then and said, "well do you want a prize, or another ride on the merry go round". I certainly wanted
another ride and another chance to grab a brass ring.
Sometimes we reach out to our fullest, and find we have not been given back what we expected. The brass ring in what we
reach for, but even a metal ring is proof we have managed to grab the ring.
Each attempt comes with its own reward we have but to see the beauty of the ring. Eternal, never ending, always whole and
complete, the circle is the shape of harmony. Waynonaha

Dare to reach dare to venture life is a wonderful merry go round.

We are sisters here to walk in peace and harmony. Each is a seperate link but none are without support or connecting sisters. Love and blessings Waynonaha Human Being. If you wish to chat with me you can find me or post a time on AOL my users name is Waynonaha also on Yahoo instant messanger at Waynonaha7. You can email me if you do not have these instant messangers or contact me on the Forum at Susun's We are all here for each other on this great web of life. Love Waynonaha
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Postby Anonymous » Wed May 07, 2003 10:07 pm

A Wonderful wonderful story....thank you Grandmother for sharing. I especially find the message of reaching for those brass rings in life pertinent as today I did just that!!!
Today I drove my children an hour and half to the Mohican Challenge Course in Mid ohio. We were'nt sure what kind of day it would be weather wise but it turned out beautiful, partially cloudy skies, no bugs or downpours or intense heat. Just perfect for climbing ropes and repelling down them (and a zipline). Now from the start my youngest, 8 yr.old Keifer was unsure about this whole plan. He took one look at these 4 and 5 story wooden structures and said "no way". So I decided to stand next to him while the instructor showed us how to get geared up in our harness and hardware, hoping that i would provide some motivation for Keif. Meanwhile, everyone's asking me "are you going to do this too Mrs. R?" At first i replied a definite "nope, not me" as I'm afraid of heights. Then as the class kept moving, I had to make a decision to do this or not. I screwed up my courage and decided "why not, this will be a good test for you". Well, Keifer didn't feel motivated enough untill we were all harnessed up and ready to go. But he would only try if Mom tried too. Fair enough!
So off we wnt. He went first, and with ease repelled down about 3 stories, but not without a look of complete and total fear on his face. He was proud of himself and his little chest puffed out and he began to breathe again now that his feet were on solid ground.
Now it's my turn. All of a sudden my mind went black and I forgot all the instructions of what to do. Thankfully we had helpful instructors, they could sense my fear. And when I climbed to the top, I made sure they knew just how frightened I realy was to be up so high, looking at treetops! The Instructor calmed me, talked to me and I could then remember my instructions. I was secured by small metal clamps and rope and a helpful little 9 yr old at the bottom who volunteered to belay me. Now it's time to lower myself over the edge. I didn't know if I could do it but too late, my butt's hanging over the side and.....I'm doing it, realy doing it. The other Mom's and kids are at the bottom cheering me on and at one point I felt secure enough to yell something at them. I yelled "I'm doin' it for the Sistahs"! I had to grab the brass ring. I had to!! And I'll be forever glad that I did.

Thanks for reading,
In Peace,
Rhonda.....who also zipped along a zipline in the treetops!!! You can just call me the "Treetop Flyer"!

Postby Anonymous » Wed May 07, 2003 10:57 pm

Just in case any of you Wise Sisters want to see what went down (quite literally) at the challenge course today, our pictures are on their website;
look under pictures....homeschoolers.....todays date 5/7

unfortunately, the lady with the camera didn't capture me in action but she did get some of my two boys and daughter (in the #3 shirt), my oldest in a black knit cap and little Keifer in a bright blue tshirt and black ball cap.

check us out!!!
In peace,
Rhonda aka. Treetop Flyer

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