Between Sky World and Mother Earth

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Between Sky World and Mother Earth

Postby Justine » Sun Jul 27, 2014 2:17 pm

Between Sky World and Mother Earth by Waynonaha
Post by Justine » Tue Apr 22, 2003 7:32 pm

Common Grounds of Races


Between Sky World and Mother Earth is a place of common ground that we may meet. It is the place of coming together and the place of leaving your pain behind.

Creator who made all things in the Heavens and the Earth made a balance to keep all in place. Though we move in ever growing circles we remain in perfect balance in our own beings. Within each of us is the center of all we are and all we ever will be, it is called the vibral core of our being. We each carry this vibration through our lives and it effects all we do and all we touch. Each of us vibrating in a different way and yet in perfect harmony with the Great Mystery.

The Clans we are born under help us to know who we are and what we are to do on this Earth in our life time. It is important that we remember the Clan system as it is vital to our existence. Eagle Clan in of the swift of flight and ability to see all things. This clan is the protectors of the Nation as they can see far and understand the whole view of issues that may be brought to the attention of the Council of Twelve. There place is of mediator and connection to the ****an Tonkan. Hawk Clan is under the Eagle Clan and is the messenger that carries our voice to the Eagle so that we may be heard by the Creator. He is little brother to the Eagle.

When we are planning to take a mate for life we talk to the elders about the person we are interested in. The elders will then help us to understand if we can marry that person and why we will or will not be compatible.

The Clan system is to keep us also from intermarrying and mixing the close blood. The clan is carried by the Mothers to there children.

It is said that a bird does not marry a water person as they will have no common grounds to build there home or nest. We have in these last few fifty years or so seen this as more and more a problem for our future generations. We caution our young people, when they marry outside of the Indian hoop, to understand what will happen to there children. Not only is the blood lines diluted but the person has to make a choice as to where and how they will live there lives and raise there children. Some times this is done without thought and the end results is a hard lesson for all the families involved. Often the children of these intermarriages are left standing alone with no place to belong. It is a hard life to live on the out side of the hoop all of your life never being accepted in the cultures you are part of.

Let me tell you of a time when I was ask to visit a place where they had wolves that were taken from the wild. In this place they had wolves that had been domesticated, or so they said. You cannot take a wolf and make it a house dog it is not the nature or the vibration of the wolf to not run free and to not hunt. Sooner or later the truth of the wolf is seen and then they are sent to this place to live. Once a wolf is taken from its pack and family and is not in the natural elements it is not able to return to the wilderness. They are now trying to return then in areas such as Montana and other isolated places, with some success. We went to see the wolves and to find out what was being done for them to help them re enter the wilderness.

We arrived at the center for wild life and were shown some of the captured wolves. One thing was apparent they were not happy in the cages. They paced and paced all the time my heart felt the pain of there anger and fear. Mange spots were on there hides, many were so thin and there eyes looked empty. As we walked in this place we heard some more howling noises like none we had ever heard. We ask what sort of animal was making those noises, and ask to see them too. We were taken to a part of the center that was away from all the other animals and birds. There were hedge rows around this area and we were show inside to the cages. In these cages they kept the wolves that were crossed with domestic dogs. The howling was the most saddest thing I have ever heard, it was the sound of the spirit of these animals that fought inside there skins. When the wolf and the dog were captured in one skin they began to fight and to cause discord. The vibration is very important and we cannot mix that in one skin. When two humans do so the product of this is a reproduction of children that will have no place of culture.

The complaints are many of how others live on this Earth and how they disrespect the land and the environment. If we do not share and show them a better way to live will this not effect our own children for the future generations to come? When one has the answer and does not share: but watches from the distance to the people locked in the cages of history who is responsible?

In these days many of our people are of mixed races and constantly battle the inner turmoil that exists in there skins. At some time in there lives they must make a decision as to what life or culture they wish to fallow. Many upon making this decision meet with the buckskin curtain that does not permit them to enter the Indian culture because of the mixed breed.

Some where we must make a common ground for the people to meet and to be welcomed into the culture if we are to save it for the future when it will be so badly needed. Elders now are talking about this more and more as we are folded into the melting pot of mixed skins. The concept of oneness is more important now than ever before. We are one of last cultures to count blood percent. This quantum of the blood to belong , is the planned genocide of the people and if we buy into this we will all be lost.

How can we say we are all related then teach our children to hate the races of our bothers? Are we not then like them we must teach them the way to come homes and live in peace. Bring the children home and heal the hoop of life. In the Smoke we live. Sending the Smoke for the seven generations to come.

Mitakuye Oyasin Smokey

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