Samento vs Cat's Claw...

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Samento vs Cat's Claw...

Postby RThompsonCD » Fri Jul 27, 2018 3:04 am

I'm confused about cat's claw...some things I've read don't mention avoiding it during pregnancy or lactation, some things say it used to be considered okay but now should be avoided. Which is it?

Also, is Samento { Cat's claw with the TOAS's removed } safe during pregnancy/breastfeeding? If not, what are some good anti-bacterial herbs that would be safe for women in the middle of their childbearing years?

Lady Alinor
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Re: Samento vs Cat's Claw...

Postby Lady Alinor » Tue Aug 14, 2018 10:17 am

Cat's Claw...hmmmmm I dunno for sure but if at any time a plant has been labeled with the "not for use during pregnancy" then I would seriously research and find out this case at one point in history Cat's Claw was used to prevent pregnancy and even abort a fetus, maybe because of the plants anti-cancer/antiproliferative abilities ... -pregnancy

Personally, if I were wanting to get pregnant or pregnant I wouldn't take a chance on Cat's Claw, too many other herbs to assist with the same 'conditions' and as for using a product (no longer an herb now just a manipulated product imo) that is no longer 'whole'...why opinion of course lol
You wrote "anti-bacterial" did you mean anti-viral?

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